About Vintage Volkshaus



 Vintage Volkshaus is situated in Silverstone the heart of British Motorsport.

The company was set up because i was fed up with all the stale exhaust designs available to the volkswagen fraternity. Designs that have been around for years and that due to the fact that they have been mass produced are now actually becoming more and more ill fitting.

I wanted to bring Manufacturing and quality back to the UK and then export this quality around the world.

With my roots in British Motorsport and fabricating I have been used to working to a high quality with high quality material and no corners are cut.

I hope that my designs are unique and are thinking outside the box and will become the next evolution and will again set a new standard.

Vintage Volkshaus has gained in popularity with many people coming back to me for various other projects and not always volkswagen based and exhausts. Some of these can be seen in the previous work section os the website. 

Works include:

  • 1914 bi-plane
  • 1932 Chevy 5 window coupe
  • pair of early Triumph motorbikes
  • Custom VX220 roll cage and rear subframe
  • Vw Beach buggy rear engine cages